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Mr. Andre Prost was born in New York City in 1884 to French parents. After graduating from high school he went to work for Cuisinier, a French producer of after dinner liqueurs, and by 1916 had worked his way up to a sales position. When the First World War began, concern for his parents’ homeland inspired him to volunteer to serve in the Red Cross Ambulance Corps as a stretcher carrier/ambulance driver in France.

Miraculously, he survived the war and returned to the USA in late 1920 to find himself out of a job due to Prohibition. In 1923 he partnered with a boyhood friend to form Prost & Callahan, which opened its doors on 23rd Street in New York City selling “New Era Beverages,” non-alcoholic fruit syrups imported from France (which could be marvelously improved with the addition of bootleg libations). These were Prohibition’s answer to after dinner drinks.

The repeal of Prohibition in 1933 put Prost & Callahan in financial trouble. Mr. Callahan left the company and Andre Prost, who had always believed in the health benefits of honey, decided to focus his company on the selling of honey-related products. The Andre Prost Co. was born with the motto “Honey From Here There and Everywhere”. Five hundred kinds of honey from the world over, as well as gourmet foods (mostly French) were distributed in the northeast United States. Products from G. B. Ambrosoli in Como, Italy and Odense Marcipanfabrik, from Odense, Denmark became part of this mix in the 1930s as they still are today.

In 1964, Mr. Andre Prost’s long-held dream of returning to France became reality, but unfortunately he was very ill and died only hours after his arrival. Frank Landrey, who had become Mr. Prost’s partner in 1957, took over the company.

In the ensuing years more brands were developed. From Ambrosoli came Honees and Zotz, and Odense Marcipan brought Almond Paste and Marzipan rolls. From the kitchens of Andre Prost came A Taste of Thai, A Taste of China, A Taste of India, and Notta Pasta. Today Andre Prost, Inc. products are found in stores worldwide.

Hopefully Mr. Prost would be proud.


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