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Zotz Fizz Power Candy

The original Zotz Fizz Power Candies were introduced in 1968. Within one year they had quickly become the hottest selling kids candy in the business. What made Zotz unique was the flavored fizz center which kids found irresistible. Zotz is a high quality hard candy manufactured by G.B. Ambrosoli. G.B. Ambrosoli is wholly owned and operated by the Ambrosoli family, in Como Italy, since 1920.

Our new packages are designed to attract a whole new generation of Zotz customers. Our original Zotz customers now have children of their own, yet they remain loyal consumers. There are two different boxes of Zotz flavors; One box contains Lemon, Orange and Grape, the other has Cherry, Watermelon and Sour Apple.

From 1968 to today Zotz continues to be the best selling fizz power candy in the United States.

Zotz (Lemon, Orange, Grape) Nutrition Facts/Ingredients
Zotz (Cherry, Apple, Watermelon) Nutrition Facts/Ingredients


Honees EnergyPlus

For centuries, honey has been used by athletes as a natural source of energy.  With Honees EnergyPlus, we take the energy from our original Honees candies a step further.  Vitamins B6 and B12 mean that the honey is absorbed faster into your system, and vitamin C naturally reinforces the immune system.

Go on, try one.  You’ll find natural honey energy in two delicious flavors:

Honey, has a hard candy shell with a liquid honey center.

Honey Caramel has pure milk, butter, and that delicious honey center, giving a richer taste with the same energizing effects.

Each Honees EnergyPlus bar contains 9 drops.  3 drops give you 100% of your daily value of vitamins B6, B12, and C.

Harness Mother Nature’s energy, and give your body the boost it craves.

Honees EnergyPlus Honey Nutrition Facts/Ingredients
Honees EnergyPlus Honey Caramel Facts/Ingredients


Honees Natural Candies
Keeping bees busy for over 70 years

In the foothills of the Italian Alps, Ambrosoli Confectioners continue a family tradition of making the finest honey-filled drops. “Honees,” as they are called in the USA, have been known as the natural honey candy for over 70 years.  The essential nutrition benefit of honey is known worldwide and only the finest liquid honey fills the center of each Honees drop.

Honees are available in three flavors:

Regular Honees Bars, which have a honey hard candy shell, are filled with pure liquid honey. Each bar contains nine individually wrapped Honees candies. The regular Honees are the best selling of the three flavors.

Honees Milk Bars have a pure milk, honey and butter hard candy shell filled with a milk and honey caramel center. Each bar contains nine individually wrapped Honees candies.

Honees Menthol bars have a honey and eucalyptus hard candy shell filled with liquid honey and eucalyptus. Long before cough-drops were marketed as “natural” people reached for a Honees drop to soothe sore throats. Each bar contains nine individually wrapped Honees candies.

Honees Nutrition Facts/Ingredients
Honees Milk Nutrition Facts/Ingredients
Honees Menthol Nutrition Facts/Ingredients


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