Andre Prost, Inc. | Fine Foods and Confections Since 1923

Our Services

Total Market Penetration

USA Food importer Andre Prost, Inc. provides a complete range of services to market and distribute foods and confectionary throughout the United States and Canada.

We Service to All Major Food & Candy Retailers, plus Food Service

Andre Prost, Inc. services all classes of retail food and candy trade, including supermarkets, warehouse stores, major drug chains, convenience stores, and specialty food retailers. This broad spectrum of USA retailers is serviced through major USA food distributors and also direct sales.

Andre Prost in stores

Ports on Both Coasts

The products we import from Europe and Asia are delivered on Container Ships to ports in Oakland, California and Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, and then delivered to our three warehouses.

Andre Prost products in port

Our Three Warehouses Ship Anywhere in the USA

Our confectionary and specialty foods are shipped nationwide in the USA from warehouses on the east and west coasts, in New Jersey and California. An additional warehouse in Houston Texas services Walmart stores. From these three warehouses we ship to all major supermarkets, food distributors, candy distributors, and food service distributors.

Andre Prost products in warehouses

Our In-House Test Kitchen Develops Recipes for American Consumers

We are one of the only food importers with a dedicated in-house test kitchen. Testing everything we import, recipes are tailored specifically for the American consumer. These recipes are then distributed through our websites, social media, and newsletters.

Test Kitchen at Andre Prost

In-House Graphics, Photography and Video Departments

Our dedicated media team produces professional sales materials, advertising, recipe books and cooking videos.

Andre Prost Graphic Department

An Expanding Online Presence

The web is the first place people go to when looking for a recipe or product information. The draw is no longer just a company’s website. One person might go to Facebook, another to YouTube, another to Twitter, and yet another to Pinterest! Our marketing department keeps up to date with the latest successful online marketing trends. For example, few people realize that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after google, a fact that lead us to invest in production of cooking videos.

Our Head Office Located Between New York City and Boston

Our headquarters are in beautiful Old Saybrook, Connecticut, two hours from major airports in New York City and Boston.

Main Offices

Our People

In the end, it all comes down to the people you work with, and we think we work with a great group of people. Our president, Frank Landrey, was asked who runs the office when he is out of town. He answered “the same people who run it when I’m there.”